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Autochart Pro side imaging mosaics Posted on May 01, 2017

You can make mosaics with Humminbird Helix models using Autochart Pro which is a computer app. You record the sonar data to a blank card and use Autochart Pro to make the mosaic and export it as a mosaic to your Helix. You will use it as the chart with your boat cursor on this map. If you find tech easy this is a good way to use Spot Lock on your favorite reef spot.

AutoChart side imaging mosaic

Live Sonar Mapping Posted on March 25, 2016

Live Mapping

Making your own maps of your fishing spot live is quickly evolving. I started with DrDepth on my boat laptop.

I now use Humminbird AutoChart Live.

Using live mapping on your GPS screen is the best since it is easily viewed and Humminbird really simplified the process.

You have 2 other choices, Navionics Live SonarCharts which is done on a phone or tablet.

This image is using the Vexilar SonarPhone and a tablet.

Garmin just released its version of live mapping called Quickdraw.

Garmin sample image


You have lots of choices so if your maps suck what are you waiting for?

Humminbird ONIX AutoChart Live Review Posted on June 05, 2015

Since I now live on a lake I decided to map it with AutoChart Live on my Humminbird ONIX. I use a zero lines SD card to record the data to since at the present time if you record to the internal memory you can’t get the data exported.
I started mapping the closest area before I went out fishing and mapping.
This image is showing the start of the mapping. The single colored bands are one pass.

Notice the improvement as I collect more data.

I used to do this with DrDepth and my laptop but using AutoChart Live is much easier.
I have found a few spots not on the regular Navionics and Lowrance map chips and I plan to keep this map just for me since I like eating fish and secret spots are a treasure to be protected for my family.
I suspect it will take all year to map the lake accurately since I stop to fish since fishing is more important than mapping.

The process is very easy, press menu and select AutoChart Live, and this menu allows you to select record which starts the process and make sure you have the AutoChart Live box checked.
Notice the Save Location box, you select this and I recommend using a AutoChart zero line card to record instead of the internal memory so you have your recorded data for later use. The internal memory only allows 8 hours of recording time.

This is not a toy but an important fishing tool for structure fishermen.

Jan 2015 Humminbird ONIX Review Posted on January 21, 2015

Johnnie Candle review of the Humminbird ONIX after using it last summer.


Posts Coming Soon! Posted on January 01, 2014

Content on Humminbird, Vexilar, Lowrance mapping, Spotlight Scan and more coming soon.