Jan 2015 Humminbird ONIX Review On January 21, 2015

Nice review on the ONIX by Johnnie Candle my co-host of our Walleye Schools

Humminbird ONIX – Bird’s next generation

I had the opportunity to run the ONIX 10 SI all of the 2014 fishing season and was glad I did. There is no doubt that this is the new and correct direction for the future of Humminbird.

The first thing you will notice upon looking at the units is the very clear and crisp display. This is because of the super high definition screen. This screen boosts a 1024H X 768V pixel count that is an ease on the eyes. The digital signal processing also makes for a much cleaner sonar picture.

Along those lines, the SI and DI images are also notably cleaner. The reason for this is the new 3 in 1 transducer. There is now a dedicated crystal for SI, one for DI and one for 2d sonar all in a single transducer.

The user interface created by ONIX makes using your sonar and gps a breeze. Humminbird allows ONIX user the use of a cross touch screen or traditional buttons to navigate the menus. I found myself quickly learning what adjustments are easiest with what method. Zooming in and Zooming out is now as simple on your sonar and map as it is on you smart phone. With a pinch a spread or a point you can be looking at whatever you want in very detailed fashion. To adjust the sensitivity, just give the new dial a spin. Same goes true for many other functions.

The touch screen also makes using the I Pilot Link system much simpler. Touch a spot on the screen, hit GO TO, touch spot lock on the drop down menu and your trolling motor is navigating to the exact spot you want to fish.

On top of all of this, the user now has access to Smart Strike which is a software package designed to help the angler pick the most productive areas on their favorite lake based on real time conditions. Just run a quick search to match a spot you are currently fishing or one based on your desired species and in a matter of seconds, your ONIX will show you the way to the next spot.

Auto Chart Live is also an incredible part of the ONIX system By simply turning it on and driving around you will create maps right before your eyes. These maps are based on your sonar data in real time. They are Lake Master maps and function as such. This means you can use them with your I Pilot Link to follow the contours that you have created.

All in all, the ONIX is an incredible new level of technology. To learn more about it visit Humminbird To learn more about Johnnie Candle, his guide service on Devils Lake, ND or any of his walleye fishing classes visit Johnnie's website

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