Understanding Side Scan range settings On July 19, 2013




The boat is clearly displayed on the DownScan but the boat is not displayed on the side scan.

Isn't the side scan supposed to "see" out farther than the DownScan?  So why does your boat disappear when you use side scan?

The DownScan and side scan both have wider cones than the 2D. The difference between the DownScan and side scan is the DownScan is aimed straight down like the 2D sonar and the side scan is aimed to the side so it "sees" out farther.

Sonar displays a target (fish, bottom or boats) as the distance from the transducer. The boat is 30 feet from the transducer and the bottom is 11 feet from the transducer on the DownScan screen.

The side scan range is 20 feet so the boat cannot be displayed until the range is increased, which is why your boat seems to disappear when you use side scan. That is where the boat is hiding!

by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance downscan

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