Lowrance TrackBack™ On July 19, 2013


If you are using the StructureScan™ the HDS is recording information for playback. If you activate the cursor with the arrow button, you can scroll back in memory of the display that has disappeared (TrackBack). If you used the sonar cursor on LMS/LCX models as demonstrated in this video (link to sonar cursor video), you could stop the screen and move the cursor to a fish and create a waypoint on a fish that is on the display. New for the HDS, you can use the left arrow to view memory that is not on the display.

This is important because we aren’t always quick enough to mark fish with a waypoint before the fish disappears from the display. The below screen shots demonstrate the memory. A new feature on the HDS is when you have 2 or more windows open it will show the cursor on all the windows as you press the left cursor. If you place the cursor on a fish in memory you can see the spot on the map where the fish was!

This example is a hard bottom point. I placed the cursor on 2 places of the transition. Note the cursor on the map side is in a different spot. You can place waypoints on anything you want to save as a reference for future fishing.

by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance hds

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