HDS Sirius Weather Review On July 19, 2013

HDS Sirius Weather Review

I have the Sirius Weather for my HDS this year. I was pre-fishing for my last tournament and saw a storm to the south.

The storm appeared to be moving west and it looked like it was clearing to my west. I calculated that the storm would miss me.

I then looked at the radar and noticed the arrows pointed at the boat’s location.

I headed for the landing, loaded the boat and the storm hit as I drove away. My friend Steve was impressed. He would have been more impressed if some hail would have been with the rain.

The sonar screen shows I am moving at 36.9 mph and the red vertical blobs are schools of baitfish around 30 feet and the blurry blobs at 50 feet are fish. If you stop and go slow they show up as arches. This screenshot was taken just before I made it to the landing.




Another storm was approaching as I fished a few days earlier. The rain was light, distant thunder could be heard so I zoomed out to look at the radar. I made a quick decision as there were many lightning strikes headed my way. I again loaded the boat and sat in the truck for an hour during the rain and thunder! The cursor is 12 miles from the boat saying there is medium heavy rain in the storm.


I was wondering how useful the Sirius weather earlier this year but I have no doubt it was useful after missing 2 storms that I might have been in the boat since it is very difficult for Doc to quit fishing.


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