How to Find New Fishing Spots On July 10, 2013

I have an easy and quick way to show you how to find new fishing spots. All you need is a boat, buoys, and quality electronics. I search for fish with my sonar until I spot fish, throw the buoy, and then drive around the area to understand the contour, the content of the bottom, and where the fish are. The fish are usually on the best spot! Remember that for future use. I use to do this with an old Eagle flasher. I have used a Lowrance X-15, which is great for seeing fish but not as good for bottom transitions. The X-15 is a black and white unit. Color helps to decide if it is a bump or a fish displayed close to the bottom. The fish has a different echo return that displays a different color. I used a X-104 in 2004 and it is excellent for bottom content (rocks, sand, soft or hard mud, etc). Check out how I adjust the colorline in my Understanding Sonar and GPS section.  I use these methods when I train people how to find new fishing spots.

by Bruce Samson under fishing tips

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