How to Anchor a Boat on a Fishing Spot On June 17, 2013

Anchor fishing can be relaxing and productive but you must know how to anchor a boat on a fishing spot. On a windy day, there is nothing more relaxing than anchor fishing.
In order to be a successful anchor angler you must be able to visualize the structure so you know where you want to position the boat. The easiest method is to use a buoy to mark a spot for reference and try to position your boat in relation to the buoy.
Another trick is to positioning your boat close to the fishing spot. After marking your spot with a buoy, drive into the wind as you are driving over your spot. Drop your anchor and let out the anchor rope slowly until the boat stops upwind of your spot. It is best to fish upwind of your spot because it is easier to cast with the wind. Crestliners have two cleats on the bow. If you want to move the boat a little, try tying on the other cleat. This will allow the boat to drift in a slightly different position. The boat acts like a rudder and moves to the opposite side of the cleat the anchor is tied to.
Multiple presentations work with anchor fishing. Bobbers, split shot and a hook, jigs, and casting crankbaits work well. It all depends on the depth of the water and how many ugly snags are lurking under the water.
How to anchor a boat on a fishing spot:
1. Find the spot
2. Anchor upwind
3. Catch fish
4. Clean fish
5. Eat fish

Go Fishing, The Clock Is Ticking
by Bruce Samson under boat control

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