Navionics Freshest Data & Community Layer Review On June 17, 2013

Navionics just released downloadable improvements for their map chips. I viewed some lakes in Minnesota on the card before and after the updates. Be warned, the data download takes awhile since there are many files. I started the download at night and went to bed.

If you have a new chip you get free downloads for a year. Call Navionics customer service for details. 800-848-5896 or check their website.

The Community Layer contains all edits made by Navionics users and I think the combination of Navionics freshest data and Community Layer Review is unbeatable!  The live editing happens in real time on Mobile devices (iPad, Android, iPhone etc.) and is made available as a download through the Freshest Data.  The layer contains fishing spots from Navionics users and Pro staff in addition to navigation edits made by boaters and fishermen.  Things like channel markers, hazards, rocks, etc.  I call these edits POI (points of interest).

This image shows Community Layer off and no POI is displayed.

This image shows the Community Layer selected showing a POI added by someone.

I put the cursor on the Community layer POI and pressed ENTER on my Lowrance HDS to get the information about the POI. Someone must have caught some crappies there and was willing to share that with us. You can add POIs for danger areas and navigation buoys and share this POIs.

Freshest Data is composed of many sets of data from new buoy markers to improved contours.
Big Pine Lake is next with before and after screenshots.

Horseshoe Lake is next showing improved details for docks and contours.

These were samples of the lakes; I did notice major improvements in some lakes and minor improvements in other. 

If you have a new Navionics map card, insert it in a SD card reader on your computer and follow the instructions on your computer screen to update the card.

I do like the idea of free updates by downloading the update to my map card at home and I can keep updating the card for one year free. More info here
by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance gps

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