Identifying Fish and Their Size With Sonar On June 12, 2013

What are they and how big are they?

We want sonar to give us the answers to these questions but it isn’t easy. You must know the location, type of fish in your system, and how to determine size with sonar.

Sonar only gives you the echo strength of the target and displays it-it won't make identifying fish and their size with sonar easy. Sensitivity can change the echo strength and depth range changes the way the fish are displayed (fish in a 10 foot scale are larger than fish on a 100 foot scale).


This example is fish on a flat around a hump. Notice the size and how far they are actually from the bottom on the sonar and them watch the video of the fish. Actual video confirms what you “see” with the sonar. This is why I used lots of video in my Advanced Sonar DVD. Time on the water using your sonar is also invaluable plus catching the fish you see with the sonar will help you in identifying fish and their size with sonar.


Watch this video for details.


by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance sonar

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