Sakakawea Map $100.00

Sakakawea Map Sakakawea Map

 Its the original Corp of Engineers survey map of the pre-inundation area laid over a low water aerial photography making areas such as the north side of Mallard island and Van Hook bay even more interesting for the serious fisherman as seen in the included images.

Works in all: Touch Screens except Elite FS

HDS Live & Carbon

HDS Gen 1-2-3

Elite TI, TI2

Warning: At this time the map chips have issues with  being very dark on Elite FS units.  They work great in all other touch screens.

Comes in a micro SD card with SD adapter.

Note:  Gen 1 units need the last Lowrance update to run.


Old 83 near Seven Sisters Islands


North Van Hook road and railroad grades.



Mike Peluso review

Sakakawea map is wicked good!