Devils Lake Side Scan and 1949 $200.00

These three maps on one chip, East And West maps covers both side and a Tons of rocks plus imagery of the lake in 1949.  We've covered areas of structure with side scan recordings which we converted into maps of areas with extreme detail which you can see in the samples.

These are large files so  I suggest not trying them in in any thing but he HDS Live, Elite Ti2 or TI 1, Carbon and Gen 3. They will work in the  HDS Gen 2 but because of the file sizes I have my reservations about suggesting that .  

Works in:

HDS Pro, Live & Carbon

HDS Gen 2 and 3

Elite TI and TI2

Warning: At this time the map chips have issues with  being very dark on Elite FS units.  They work great in all other touch screens.

Comes in a micro SD card with SD adapter.

You can progressively scan in and see areas covered by the side scan from 2017 to 1990 to the side scan only

 And you can scan in to resolutions you won't believe. In the lower right corner of the images you can see it's scale If you wanted to you could go down to 


 Watch this video for the  West side scan map to see how it works and why it is valuable.

Watch Video