Randleman Lake, North Carolina $70.00

Randleman Lake, North Carolina Randleman Lake, North Carolina

Satellite image with color contours overlaid with 10ft elevation contour lines on an encrypted SD card for current Lowrance models.

Works in all:

HDS Live & Carbon

HDS Gen 1-2-3

Elite TI

Elite HDI/Chirp & Hook models.

At this time the maps do not work in the Hook2 units.  If and when in the future they will we will let everyone know.

Comes in a micro SD card with SD adapter.

Built-in Insight Maps will overlay the satellite image

Note:  Gen 1 units need the last Lowrance update to run. Click here



I spoke with someone over the phone about the issue below and they called me and explained what to do and problem solved.  Forgive me for not remembering the name but I promised I would let them know how everything went with the chip.  My partner and I fished Randleman lake Saturday in a tournament and we ended up getting 3rd place.  1 of us had fished the lake a couple of times years and years ago when the lake first opened and catching from what I was told was an easy task.  We made a couple of trips before the chip came in and breaking down the lake was a tough task however when we popped this chip in we were amazed.  We revisited the lake 5 times to practice with the chip and were able to establish 6-8 spots on the lake for us to fish for our tournament Saturday and it paid off.  What we really loved about the chip was instead of just contour lines, there were color variations signifying depth changes which to me was a breeze to learn.  One question I do have is can you guys make chips like this for any lake or are we limited to what you have online?