Oahe South Dakota - South Map $100.00

Oahe South Dakota - South Map Oahe South Dakota - South Map

Note: If you have the HDS Pro, LIve, Carbon, Gen 3 or TI 2 or 1, I would highly recommend going with the Oahe Special,  instead.  You can look at LiDAR, HIgh Resolution and Green as layers instead of having to scroll in and out in the North and South maps to check each. Also, I have put a lot of work cleaning up the old DOD maps every one uses to fish the trees.  Any questions call me  first.

Warren  651-982-1401

Enhanced image on an encrypted SD card for current Lowrance models.

Note:  Suggest all Live, Carbon, Gen 3, Elite TI & TI 2 users go with the Oahe Special.  Covers all of Oahe in South Dakota but in individual layers and higher resolution.

Works in all:

HDS Live & Carbon

HDS Gen 1-2-3

Elite TI, TI2

Warning: At this time the map chips have issues with  being very dark on Elite FS units.  They work great in all other touch screens.

Comes in a micro SD card with SD adapter.

Note:  Gen 1 units need the last Lowrance update to run.



 This map covers from the dam to about 2 miles north of the 212 bridge.

The map shows trees on a topo map, roads and high resolution color depths near shore.

Great for trolling deep trees and understanding structure.

Map reviews


I have been using the Doctor Sonar chips for the last few years on a daily bases for both tournaments and even more importantly as a full time guide.  I have been guiding on upper lake Oahe for 25 yrs, so to say I know this area is a understatement.   This being said,  I learn new spots and find subtle pieces of structure all the time that put fish in my boat.  I upgraded this year to the new chips and the detail and ability to zoom in and keep the color contours is huge.  I don't write recommendations to any product that I don't use or believe in. I give the Doctor Sonar chips my full endorsement.  

Chad Schilling

Owner operator of Oahe Wings and Walleyes


"I got a chance to try Doctor Sonar's new mapping card this weekend. This card is amazing. The area pictured here, I have attempted to fish several times. I never could fish it due to the amount of underbrush. On all other maps this area is one color and just reads SHALLOW. I was able to follow the old channel that is clear of underbrush, and was able fish my way between the brush. When I was out of the channel, I knew it because I snagged up quickly. This new mapping card has enabled me to fish areas in the past that I had given up on. Also I traveled over 190 miles on Lake Oahe this weekend and was amazed how the trees and channel hold true 100% to the map. This will be putting more fish in my boat this summer. "Get the Net" "



Josh Olson