Oahe South Dakota - South Map $100.00

Oahe South Dakota - South Map Oahe South Dakota - South Map

Enhanced image on an encrypted SD card for current Lowrance models.

Works in all:

HDS Live & Carbon

HDS Gen 1-2-3

Elite TI, TI2

Warning: At this time the map chips have issues with  being very dark on Elite FS units.  They work great in all other touch screens.

Comes in a micro SD card with SD adapter.

Note:  Gen 1 units need the last Lowrance update to run.



 This map covers from the dam to about 2 miles north of the 212 bridge.

The map shows trees on a topo map, roads and high resolution color depths near shore.

Great for trolling deep trees and understanding structure.

Map reviews


I have been using the Doctor Sonar chips for the last few years on a daily bases for both tournaments and even more importantly as a full time guide.  I have been guiding on upper lake Oahe for 25 yrs, so to say I know this area is a understatement.   This being said,  I learn new spots and find subtle pieces of structure all the time that put fish in my boat.  I upgraded this year to the new chips and the detail and ability to zoom in and keep the color contours is huge.  I don't write recommendations to any product that I don't use or believe in. I give the Doctor Sonar chips my full endorsement.  

Chad Schilling

Owner operator of Oahe Wings and Walleyes


"I got a chance to try Doctor Sonar's new mapping card this weekend. This card is amazing. The area pictured here, I have attempted to fish several times. I never could fish it due to the amount of underbrush. On all other maps this area is one color and just reads SHALLOW. I was able to follow the old channel that is clear of underbrush, and was able fish my way between the brush. When I was out of the channel, I knew it because I snagged up quickly. This new mapping card has enabled me to fish areas in the past that I had given up on. Also I traveled over 190 miles on Lake Oahe this weekend and was amazed how the trees and channel hold true 100% to the map. This will be putting more fish in my boat this summer. "Get the Net" "



Josh Olson