Lowrance Devils Lake 1990 map $100.00

Lowrance Devils Lake 1990 map Lowrance Devils Lake 1990 map

These maps are a series of maps on one chip that cover Devils Lake to give the angler the most complete understanding of the water.  First the maps start with a current view of the lake to give a person a perspective of the lake level so they can see where they want to go.  Then it goes on to show Devils Lake in 1990 so its easy to visualize what the lake looked like use to look like so anglers can instant on find the submerged roads, tree lines and even down to the fence lines that hold  rock piles.  Then there our copy righted  high resolution computer models with super high detail of the main part of Pelican bay, Creel bay and the Bird Island, Cactus, Ft Totten point area that you won't find on any other  map but ours.  You can see on the images below the detail they give you.

Works in all:

HDS Live & Carbon

HDS Gen 1-2-3

Elite TI

Elite HDI/Chirp & Hook models.

Warning: At this time the map chips have issues with  being very dark on Elite FS units.  They work great in all other touch screens.

At this time the maps do not work in the Hook2 units.  If and when in the future they will we will let everyone know.

Comes in a micro SD card with SD adapter.

Built-in Insight Maps will overlay the satellite image

Note:  Gen 1 units need the last Lowrance update to run. Click here



 Rocky Point