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Crappies on different sonar brands Posted on August 27, 2017

Learn how crappies display on different sonar brands.

Crappies are a much sought after fish and I get a lot of questions about what they look like on sonar. Crappies often suspend over open water, making  them  difficult to target. In this session I will show what they look like on different sonar brands.

Image #1 shows crappies on a 2D Garmin sonar using High Chirp.

Image #2 shows the same school with a Humminbird using the MEGA transducer on High Chirp.

Image #3 is the same school using a Lowrance TM150 transducer set at 105 kHz frequency.

Lowrance Crappie

Image #4 shows the same school with the Humminbird side imaging

Humminbird side imaging crappie

Next are 2 videos showing the Panoptix with 2 different transducers. The PS 30 looks down and to the side and the PS 21 looks to the side.

I use side imaging or the PS 21 to find the school when it moves since they see to the side and I use Minn Kota Spot Lock to sit on the school and vertically jig for supper.

PS 21 video

PS 30 video

Panoptix #2 Bluegills PS 30 Posted on July 24, 2017

2 short videos

#1 shows bluegills on the Panoptix and explains how the Panoptix works and displays them.

Panoptix video

#2 Aqua-Vu footage of the same bluegills as seen on the Panoptix.

 Aqua-Vu video


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Panoptix training #1 Posted on June 17, 2017

Drop Shotting with Panoptix Live DownVu

Drop shotting (fishing vertically) is usually done with 2D sonar. This session will explain drop shotting with Panoptix and explain in detail what you are seeing.

Panoptix drop shotting

 Watch live video

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