Lowrance 3D StructureScan On July 08, 2016

I finally got to play around with the new Lowrance 3D StructureScan and used it to target suspended crappie.
The 3D display works like side can but now you can see where the fish are suspended in the water column. With side scan you can only see the fish are off to the side not where they are in the water column.
This image shows the prop wash bubbles (red circle) and the crappies suspended on the left side (green arrow).

The next image shows the crappies as history as I drive back to them. The red arrows show the prop wash bubbles and the green arrows different schools of crappie. You can rotate the screen to give these different views of the 3D live. So far I have only found it useful for suspended fish but there will be more crappie tacos for me because of this tool.

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