Understanding Sonar with Aqua-Vu On September 03, 2015

I get questioned about how to use an underwater camera in summer when the algae bloom. The images aren’t as good as spring and fall but I can still identify the species. I use my Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu Camera System attached to my Lowrance Gen 3 with the optional video in power cable so we can all view the secrets of the deep on the Lowrance! Sometimes it is too much fun and I forget I am fishing. Yesterday the fish weren’t biting and I dropped the camera but there was a big algae bloom on my lake and I couldn’t see below 12 feet well. I looked up and my bobber was down with a 21 ½ inch walleye. Nice thing about bobbers is you don’t have to pay attention and you can still catch them.

I was wondering about these fish since I was hunting bluegills and dropped the camera on another dark water lake. The images are poor but I was able to identify them as perch. Too bad they were too small to fillet! Perch are one of my favorite fish to eat.
The images show the school of perch and the short weeds.

I use the camera to identify what I am seeing on the sonar since I teach sonar I need to be as exact as I can when i say that looks like _______.

by Bruce Samson under aqua-vu lowrance lowrance sonar

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