Rod and Reel Set-up for Jigging Rapala On March 14, 2015

Rod and Reel Setup for Jigging Rapala by Josh Olson

The correct set up for any presentation is important. This particular set up is what I use for Jigging Rapala style baits. A baitcast reel with a flipping mode is a must when running this setup (Abu Garcia Silver Max). I will have one left handed and one right handed. So I can run one in each hand and free spool with the flipping switch as needed. Second you need a fairly heavy but still sensitive rod. I prefer a 7 ft medium heavy Fenwick HMG. Third you need the right line for the job. With Jigging raps heavy line is preferred because you will be ripping these baits in heavy cover and rocks. So I use 20 lb. Berkley FireLine crystal. Last but possibly most important is the leader. I use 3ft Berkley flouro leader in 20 lb. test. The leader keeps fish from seeing the line. I join the lines together using a double uni-knot. Then add a snap on the end.

Doc's Tips

I use a similar set-up for my Salmo Zipper and Chubby Darter plus the Moonshine Shiver Minnow.


by Bruce Samson under fishing tips

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