Humminbird Down Imaging 6/22/14 On June 22, 2014

Weeds mean any vegetation that grows form the bottom to me. I think of weeds as the major food basket of the lake and that means my fish will live there at some time during the season. Panfish, walleyes, bass and many other species populate weeds and understanding weeds is important in catching those fish.
Your Humminbird displays weeds differently depending on SI, DI or 2D sonar.

These 2 screenshots show weeds with DI from my Humminbird 859 HD DI.

The sensitivity and contrast settings are on each image. Both images display the weeds well but if I was in deeper water I would prefer the higher sensitivity since you need higher sensitivity to see targets as you go deeper.

This short video shows how thick the weeds are. Weeds on sonar look denser than with the human eye.


 When you view the DI and want to learn how to use the settings to improve your image, I recommend stopping the chart by pressing the 4 way cursor and go to the DI enhance menu and practice adjusting the settings. Do this on a few different places and you will quickly improve your skills.

The next image is different weeds on DI at 0.4 mph and 2D 200 kHz sonar at 2.6 mph. Speed will change how the weeds are displayed.


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