Lowrance HDS Screenshots On July 23, 2013

Lowrance HDS Screenshots

How to take screenshots (screen captures) with your Lowrance HDS Gen 1 and older software for Gen 2. Read item 7. below for HDS Touch and Gen 2 with the latest software updates.

1. Menu, menu, system, screenshot, enter


2. To take the screenshot (screen capture) you press the power button. The sonar chart will stop while the screenshot is saved (it takes a few seconds and you should wait impatiently before you push any more buttons). Before you turn off your HDS you must go back and unselect the Screen Capture or you will keep taking screenshots! The correct way to power off is to press the power button once and select Power Off.


3. Your screenshots are saved to the HDS internal memory. After you place a blank SD card in your unit, go to Pages, Utilities, Files.


4. Next select My files, Screenshots, menu, copy all.


5. You must select a destination to copy the files to and that will be the SD card (memory card).



6. The screenshots are saved a.png files which are similar to .jpg files. You can open them in any photo editing software. Microsoft has Paint and Picture Manager.

7. The latest software updates changed how we take screenshots. Now you push the Pages and Power button at the same time. This is for the HDS keypad and Touch HDS Gen 2 models.

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