Lowrance HDS ICON Method On July 22, 2013

Lowrance HDS ICON Method

The Lowrance HDS does not have ICON only choice like the LCX/LMS models. The ICON method in previous Lowrance models saved ICONS differently than waypoints, you could identify the ICON only by symbol so you couldn’t find them in a list like waypoints, you couldn’t navigate to them like you can with a waypoint and they couldn’t be used in map software like Google Earth like waypoints are.
You can save waypoints without names by selecting Icon instead of Icon and name when you press the WPT button once.

Then Change to icon view (same window) to easily pick the icon you want to save that day. Now when you press the WPT button once the icon view will display making it easy to save the same icon. 

If you press the WPT button twice the icon you selected with be the one saved. 
If you create icons that you want to delete at the end of the day pick one that is different than any you have saved previously. At the end of the day press and hold the WPT button, select Waypoints, press MENU, select Delete all by symbol and pick that symbol.


by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance hds

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