Trolling for Walleye Using Weights On June 28, 2013

The following article describes uses of weights to get lures to the depth of your target. The target is usually suspended walleyes so its time to begin trolling for walleye using weights.

Walleye anglers troll these setups directly behind the boat or use planer boards to spread out the lines. (Off Shore boards are preferred by walleye tournament anglers). My friend Mark DeDeker wrote this tip for the site. He says he has more crankbaits and spinners than Cabala’s!

Every walleye fisherman understands the importance of effectively deploying spinner rigs and getting them down into the proper Strike Zone when trolling for walleye using weights. There is an incredible assortment of weights to accomplish this, as shown in our 1st illustration. As walleye fishermen, we always look for quick, easy and effective ways to do this. One weight that has been around for years that is very simple to use and extremely effective is the old stand by Water Gremlin Snap Loc Sinker as shown in our 2nd Illustration. Attach them to a spinner rig and use them to target suspending walleyes. They are super easy to change sizes/weights on the fly and when added ahead of a premium snaps and ball bearing swivels (we use Cabalas premium snaps and swivels) you will find them to be an absolute must in your tackle box.
The size of the weight depends on trolling speed, length of line to the spinner, and the depth you want the spinner to run. Use different weights on each line and the fish will let you know which is preferred. For example, when you catch the fish on the line that has the 1oz weight, immediately change weights on the other lines to “match the hatch”.
Good Fishen!
Mark DeDeker

by Bruce Samson under fishing tips

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