How to Save or Transfer your Waypoints - Lowrance LCX/LMS models On June 17, 2013

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Waypoints are the most important functions of a GPS (Global Positioning System), changing navigation methods immensely. Before waypoints I kept a notebook of shore markings to establish my position on structure. Frequently fished spots were easy to remember but personal memory is not the best navigational tool for multiple fishing spots. Shore markings for navigation can place you as close as 10 foot from your spot if they are ideal and there is no fog!
Waypoints are saved positions in a GPS allowing you to return to that position with any GPS, which means no more wet notebooks, forgotten landmarks, or a favorite tree going down in a storm. I have found many uses of waypoints besides getting back to my fishing hole, morel mushroom patch, or the boat launch. 

The Lowrance uses a card reader to transfer waypoints. At first the steps appear difficult but the path becomes easy the more you use it. Review your owner’s manual or call customer service if your GPS isn't a Lowrance.

Here are step by step instructions on how to save or transfer your waypoints with Lowrance Sonar  .

1. Place a blank MMC/SD card in your Lowrance GPS. 
2. Press the menu button twice and select system setup. 
3. Select transfer my data and you will see example 4. 
4. Press enter and example 5 appears. 
5. Use the down arrow to select Save Data. Press enter and the file will be saved as data.usr.

I usually select File Name and rename them so they are easy to organize. Now you have your first waypoint backup as your waypoints are now in two places (your GPS and the card). Your card makes a great backup if you don't have a computer. In this situation I would recommend you purchase another card so you have one card designated specifically for waypoint backup.

I name my waypoints file by the date so I know which is the most current backup.






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