Saving Your Waypoints From a Lowrance HDS On June 17, 2013

There are new choices when you save your waypoints from your Lowrance HDS GPS. This is an option on the LCX/LMS models and if you have updated previous models. You will notice you have a choice of saving them as Version 2 or Version 3. Version 2 is the same format as you have saved them in the past. Version 3 saves the depth when you saved the waypoint.

Version 3 can only be opened by a Lowrance GPS that allows use of Version 3 (make sure you update the software). MapCreate cannot open Version 3 but can open Version 2. The H20 GPS uses Version 2.

I recommend you save both Version 2 and 3 for now and make sure you name them!

Another tip, when you save waypoints you will automatically also save all your icons and trails with the waypoints.

The Lowrance HDS can save waypoints as Version2, 3, and 4. Only the HDS uses Version 4. The HDS has new symbols (icons) to pick from when you save a waypoint. If you want to save your waypoints so they keep these icons you must use Version 4.

The only computer software that imports Version 4 for saving your waypoints from a Lowrance HDS at the time I wrote this article is DrDepth.

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