Fishing a Waypoint On June 17, 2013

A common question at my classes is “Can I drive to a waypoint and find a small spot?” GPS accuracy is good but not good enough to sit on a 10 foot spot. I navigate to the waypoint and use my sonar to find the “spot”. If it is good spot and small there will always be information on the sonar as to why it is good. It may be a 1 foot drop, a harder bottom, a small brush pile and many other reasons. 


In deep water where the boat doesn't spook fish, I drive around the waypoint and look for the spot with sonar and throw a buoy for reference. Since you know what is below the buoy you can better determine your location on the structure. My most common mistake is placing the buoy too close and the fish end up close to the buoy and someone will catch the buoy. 


When the waypoint is shallow and I don't want to spook the fish I use the distance to destination (DTD) overlay. When you add an overlay, select navigation, DTD, Save and you will have your overlay set up.

Select Go To Waypoint and the distance of your boat to waypoint will be displayed as an overlay.



by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance gps

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