How to Use a Sonar Cursor to Measure Distance behind a Boat On June 17, 2013

I get many questions on how far is that fish or hump on the sonar screen behind the boat? This is difficult because it depends on chart speed and/or boat speed. I found an easy way using the sonar cursor to measure distance behind a boat. 

You place the sonar cursor on the fish or bump that is on the chart to measure distance behind a boat. Anything on the chart is history as the far right side of the screen is under the boat when you are moving. Press the waypoint button once to place a waypoint where the sonar cursor is. After the waypoint is placed, push the pages button twice to make the map screen active and activate the map cursor with the arrow button. Place the map cursor on the waypoint and the distance will be displayed.


The screen shot example is showing that it is 394 feet from the boat to the waypoint and the sonar cursor vertical line.

by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance gps

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