Finding Fish at Fast Speeds or High Speed Fishing On June 17, 2013

Finding fish at fast speeds is one of High Tech Fishing secrets to catching fish. Fish concentrate in certain areas and aren’t found everywhere. You can hunt for them at 2 mph or you can do it Doc’s way and search for them at 20 mph. I will show you how to high speed fish and how to make it useful. This method pertains to all species of fish.

Fish are shown as horizontal lines when the boat is stationary, arches when the boat moves slowly and as vertical lines when the boat moves fast. You can also change the way a fish appears with the chart speed but a fish arch will still change at different speeds no matter what your chart speed is set at.

I explain the principals of fish arches in detail in my Understanding Sonar and Interpreting the Display DVD.


The following examples are recorded using the log chart data feature on my Lowrance LCX 38.


Example 1 is 2 mph and 5 mph.


Example 2 shows fish at 20 mph and 4 mph.


Example 3 is example 2 adjusted for easier viewing.


You can make the screen easier to read because you need to navigate safely at 20 mph and not be squinting at the screen. I use the blue background, sensitivity is increased a little, colorline increased a little, and the ping speed is increased to 100%.
Sensitivity, colorline, and ping speed are found in the sonar menu. Blue background is found in sonar features under sonar chart mode.

There are no exact numbers for the sensitivity and colorline because each model of Lowrance is different. You must adjust them to get the display picture you prefer.

When I am hunting for fish I use the sonar cursor (depth cursor) feature to place waypoints on the fish behind the boat so I find so I can turn around and troll over the waypoints.
I have a video on my website about using the Sonar Cursor feature on my home page t This tool is very important when hunting for fish.

I recommend practicing in places that have lots of fish or baitfish, log a chart at 2 mph, 6 mph, and 20 mph and take them home and view them on the SonarViewer.  Then adjust the sensitivity and colorline and blue background to gain confidence. Logging charts and using the SonarViewer are discussed at under Lowrance Tips.  Lots of practice is what will help you in finding fish at fast speeds or high speed fishing so practice, practice!

It is much easier to learn this method at home than on the water. How can you adjust anything at 20 mph and navigate safely? Be safe!!




by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance sonar

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