Sonar Sensitivity Settings - Auto Sensitivity on Lowrance Sonar On June 24, 2013

Sonar sensitivity settings or "auto sensitivity" on Lowrance sonar is very important. This feature has changed over the years from manual to having the model do it automatically.

The sensitivity is like the volume on the radio. The radio receives the signal from a tower and the volume control raises or lowers the level we hear. The sonar receives the signal from the transducer and the sensitivity control raises or lowers the level we see on the display. 

Sonar sends sound into the water that bounces off targets (fish or bottom) and returns to the transducer. Since sound weakens as it passes through the water the returning sound is weaker in 100 feet than 10 feet. If you set the sensitivity on manual you have to adjust it higher to see targets in deep water. If you use auto sensitivity the sensitivity adjusts as you go deeper. In the past auto sensitivity was OK but the latest Lowrance HDS units have excellent auto sensitivity and that is what I have been using for over a year.

I prefer some clutter on the screen to get the best image.

Sensitivity too low:

Sensitivity just right for Doctor Sonar:

When you use the auto sensitivity on a Lowrance HDS' sonar sensitivity settings and adjust it down the auto sensitivity will still work in the background as the boat moves from shallow to deep water.

by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance sonar

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