Using Sonar to Understand the Bottom of a Lake On July 26, 2013

Some fish are structure related to boulders and using sonar to understand the bottom of a lake is key to catching them.

Smallmouth bass, walleye and rock bass are 3 examples of fish that relate to boulders.

Sonar will show boulders as bumps on the bottom.

This image shows the boulders on the right as I use the StructureMap to show my location as I drive over the patch of hard bottom. The hard bottom is the white and the lake bottom mud is the dark on the StructureMap.

This image is fishing with my i-Pilot on spot lock sitting on the edge of the boulders over rock bass with my grandchildren catching them with jigs and leeches or jigs and Gulp Pinched Crawlers. Both worked to learn about using sonar to understand the bottom of the lake, but they didn’t like the smell of the Gulp on their fingers!


by Bruce Samson under lowrance lowrance sonar

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