How to Fish With Lead Core Line for Walleyes On August 25, 2013

I was out with Bill Lundeen the owner of Lundeen’s Tackle Castle (located at SW corner of Mille Lacs Lake). We were testing a few shallow water presentations and only caught one Northern Pike in the weeds trolling and one walleye on boulders with slip bobbers so we decided to troll the lake basin for walleyes. Bill used floating Rapalas and Salmo Hornets and failed while I caught three with a Salmo Whacky. This lure is only available in Poland at this time.

We were targeting walleyes close to the bottom with Leadcore line at about 2 mph using five colors of Leadcore and I would add or subtract some to change the depth to see what would work.

These were the fish were targeting as we narrowed our options and perfected how to fish with lead core line for walleyes.

The fish are skinny because of a shortage of food for a few years.

We noticed this fish higher than the other fish so we reeled in about 1 ½ colors of Leadcore to raise the lure about seven feet.

A few seconds later we caught this one.

Leadcore trolling is speed dependent, I could have increased the boat speed and raised the lure but that is not as exact as changing the amount of line out.  It takes experimenting to learn how to fish with lead core for walleyes, so do not be afraid to try new things.

The Salmo Whacky has the most “hunting “action of any lure I have used. Watch this video to see it in the water.

The only place I know to find it is





by Bruce Samson under fishing tips

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