Targeting Individual Fish On May 13, 2016

From Johnnie Candle pro walleye angler and full time guide on Devils Lake.

 I use this method to target individual fish using the I Pilot link to a Humminbird Core model, Helix or ONIX. I Pilot Link makes fishing for individual fish incredibly easy.  When graphing a location, I will have my trolling motor in the water.  With the new Ulterra, I don’t even have to get out of my seat to do this.  I will have my Helix or ONIX in split screen mode with the active side being the sonar side or just the sonar screen.  If I mark a fish that I want to target, I will place the cursor over that fish and create a waypoint. 

Stop the boat, then using the menu or the touch screen to spot lock on that waypoint from your Humminbird.  As the boat drives itself to that waypoint, I have time to grab my fishing rod and be ready to fish when the boat arrives to that fish.  It is amazing how many times you will catch that fish.


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